Yoga Cycle Fitness Spinning Classes & Workout- Long Island

Our Instructors

At breakaway Yoga, Cycle, Fitness our instructors have years of experience and look forward to leading you to be the best you can be with the most challenging yet enjoyable classes.

Here is our team:


Teaching for over 25 years. Certified Personal Trainor, Group Classes, Maddog Athletic Spinning certified, Yoga certified 500hr & Kripalu Restorative Yoga 250hr. Passionate about creating a space for EveryBODY to achieve good health and wellness through a variety of fitness modalities in a short amount of time.

A little bit everyday gets you there! Keep moving!

Jonathan Bosley

I've been spinning @ Breakaway Yoga.Cycle.Fitness for years. Certified in Cycling, Personal Training and Group Fitness. I'm very passionate when working with clients and helping them reach their fitness goals. Outside the Gym I work in television and broadcast at Bloomberg Financial Markets. ALWAYS LEARNING ALWAYS GROWING!

Nicole LaMarca-Waters

Interior designer by trade and fitness instructor by passion. Spinning since 2000. Certified instructor since 2011. Maddog Athletic spinning, Spin Flex, cycle Reebok and Schwinn cycle. Certified Group fitness instructor in circuit training and Pilates. A love for everything else - Running, road biking, hiking, swimming, yoga, weight training and many more. But her best accomplishment to date is her three beautiful children :) 

Victoria Herndon

Yoga Flow is a beautiful full body meditation that brings peace to mind, body and soul. I am grateful to bring a practice to all levels in my class. Finding flexibility and relaxation along with a strong core through this Vinyasa Flow practice.

Loveleen Lohia

Loveleen loves group oriented fitness activities because it’s just more fun together.  She also believes that a happier you, starts with taking care of you; and the better you become, the better you’ll make those around you! She is excited to help you on YOUR journey. Loveleen is always ready for activity and enjoys cycling, skiing, climbing, hiking, sculpting, playing tennis, golf, & practicing yoga. With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry and keen interest in Health and Wellness, she has put it all together with her passion for helping others through fitness.  AFAA Group Class Certified, Maddog Athletic Spinning Certified, AED First Aid Certified.

Francesca "Bella" Love

Francesca, Bella, strives to link the connection between mind body by weaving together asana, breath-work, and mindfulness.  She is dedicated to her students and believes in listening carefully to them--tailoring classes to each individual group.  Bella believes in the power of healing through yoga and meditation. she has experienced in Katonah and Forrest modalities as well as certification in white Fire Reiki Healing. She is currently earning a degree in Massage Therapy to further her journey of helping others. She is an avid hiker, loves to sing,knit, draw and create.

Sabrina Agudelo

Dianne Dawson

Dianne Dawson. 20+ years experience in the Fitness Field. Certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer. Certified Maddog Athletic Spinning Instructor. Additional  training workshops in Mat Pilates. I’m excited to join the team at Breakaway yoga-cycle-fitness to challenge, encourage, & inspire a healthy lifestyle through exercise. When not in the studio, I love hiking, family time and shouldn’t admit, baking! 

Beth Fuchs

I have been teaching cycle since the fall of 2008. I wasn’t sure I even liked it in the beginning but it grew on me and I thought I’ve got this..I can teach this and there u go. 
I love the music ..I love how strong it makes one feel..I like reminding my class and myself as well along the way about good form etc. the health benefits are wonderful and I look forward to each class as it comes as second nature to me.
In addition to the above I love traveling, reading, spending time with my husband, daughter and son ..and of course my mini wirehair dachshund.  

I have been teaching Pilates since 2004. It intrigued me because of my many years of dance and I had heard ballet dancers were  attracted to it keeps the muscles Long and it connects the mind and body with flow, precision,concentration,centering,fluidity of movement and breath. The body uses its own weight as resistance but I like to incorporate bands and rings for extra resistance as well. Practicing regularly can make one feel better with posture , more aligned,have more energy and stamina. Quality of movement  is by far more important than the number of times you can do a particular movement. Strengthening The powerhouse of muscles around your lumbar spine and stabilizing your core is your foundation of any movement. A stable core allows you to move with comfort and ease giving way to a longer leaner look. Enjoy!!

Lisa Motti

Lisa has been riding, teaching and running her own studio for the past 10 years, It's all about the gear and having fun. One Life- Let's Ride!!

Lisa Zazzarino

Lisa is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Organic Chef, and Clinical Nutritionist. Also an avid photographerand nature lover. She is committed to serving others in their quest to discover good health, peace of mind and a spiritual connection, which she truly believes is available to everyone. she has practiced many forms of Yoga during her lifetime, and in her quest for the light that is her own soul, she found Kundalini Yoga.

After her first Kundalini Yoga class she knew this was the form of Yoga she had been seekingl. The repetitious movement, mantras and meditations evoked a senstion that could not go unnoticed. Lisa plays the Gong during her classes so that people can heal on a deep cellulat level. Lisa's hope is that through her love, devotion, and daily practice to this "Righteous Movement" she can assist others to find their Sat Nam. "Love and service" is the mantra.